Flatt/Flett/Vliet/Fleet DNA Project

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Flatt DNA Matched Groupings

In general, we do not compare on 12 markers unless there is a confirming paper trail. Consider upgrading to 25 or more markers if you have only tested on 12.

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Haplogroups-Participants who have taken the Deep Haplogroup test to prove, with a high degree of certainty, what one's "Backbone Haplogroup" is are shown in green. Otherwise, the haplogroup is *suggested* and shown in red.

The colors you see on the markers above don't signify anything by their color itself but are used to visually group together kits which appear to have strong matches and thus (most likely) belong to the same group. In most cases, a paper trail has yet to find the common ancestor but the match remains a good lead. (Matches will not be colored, unless it is known the line is a match to another kit, only 12 markers)

Want to check for matches in the project, against the FamilyTreeDNA database or the world at large? In your personal pages, under Setup Preferences you can choose if you want to match against everyone or only those in the Flatt/Flett/Fleet/Van Vliet project, and also what type of matches on how many markers you want to show. Then,  under Y-DNA matches, you will see the matches for the choices you made. If you would like to match against those in the Y-search project, which can include other than FamilyTreeDNA participants; look for the Y-search icon on your personal page.

If you find that you and another participant(s) belong in the same line, please email webmaster at halcyondays.com along with your rationale and I will group you with the person(s) you say.

Note: Flatt/Flett/Van Vliet/Fleet DNA Project has a requirement that you supply your lineage information, both for the basic family line and for a pedigree, Best is to send a gedcom, or, more simply, something in the form of 1. John Flatt  b X location on X date. 2. John Flatt Jr b X location on X date... down to you and PLEASE include your kit number. As per the chart above, if we have contacted you several times about sending the lineage information with no response, we assume you have no interest in remaining in the project.