Mecklenburg Co, NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bost, Catherine  26 Aug 1786Mecklenburg Co, NC I53354
2 Bost, John II  Nov 1777Mecklenburg Co, NC I35997
3 Bost, William  29 May 1777Mecklenburg Co, NC I53114
4 Carriker, Henry  20 Oct 1784Mecklenburg Co, NC I35722
5 Cress, Jacob  26 Dec 1779Mecklenburg Co, NC I53349
6 Cress, John Henry  01 Nov 1770Mecklenburg Co, NC I53348
7 Eudy, Christopher Daniel  1790Mecklenburg Co, NC I7359
8 Gibbs, Johnny Leamones   I36663
9 Harkey, Daniel Riley  15 Dec 1829Mecklenburg Co, NC I50013
10 Harkey, David  04 Dec 1784Mecklenburg Co, NC I53286
11 Harkey, Levi  10 Nov 1801Mecklenburg Co, NC I50011
12 Hartsel, Leonard  17 Oct 1792Mecklenburg Co, NC I28432
13 House, Elizabeth  Mecklenburg Co, NC I28614
14 Howell, William  1782Mecklenburg Co, NC I26307
15 Lipe, Barbara  Abt 1780Mecklenburg Co, NC I28615
16 Lipe, Catherine  Abt 1785Mecklenburg Co, NC I28617
17 Lipe, Jacob  Abt 1774Mecklenburg Co, NC I28607
18 Lipe, John  1768Mecklenburg Co, NC I28606
19 Lipe, Leonard  Abt 1765Mecklenburg Co, NC I28604
20 Lipe, Mary Ester  Abt 1772Mecklenburg Co, NC I45067
21 Long, Jacob SR  01 Apr 1769Mecklenburg Co, NC I51674
22 Lyerly, Jacob  02 Oct 1789Mecklenburg Co, NC I3123
23 Misenheimer, Christina  Abt 1784Mecklenburg Co, NC I28609
24 Peck, Barbara  23 Oct 1770Mecklenburg Co, NC I35538
25 Penninger, Jacob  31 Dec 1797Mecklenburg Co, NC I53308
26 Sides, Christian  Abt 1748Mecklenburg Co, NC I28621
27 Sides, Christopher  Abt 1765Mecklenburg Co, NC I64063
28 Sides, Elizabeth  1784Mecklenburg Co, NC I10041
29 Sides, Mary  1769Mecklenburg Co, NC I35623
30 Ury, George  1760Mecklenburg Co, NC I35622
31 Wentz, Barbary  Abt 1767Mecklenburg Co, NC I28612
32 Wilson, Amy Matilda  Abt 1779Mecklenburg Co, NC I32006
33 Wilson, Isaac  1747Mecklenburg Co, NC I16884
34 Wilson, James  25 Sep 1757Mecklenburg Co, NC I9906
35 Wilson, James M  Abt 1772Mecklenburg Co, NC I32003
36 Wilson, Jane  1788Mecklenburg Co, NC I32051
37 Wilson, John Henderson Sr  1753Mecklenburg Co, NC I32026
38 Wilson, John Henderson Jr  Abt 1770Mecklenburg Co, NC I32002
39 Wilson, Margaret  1758Mecklenburg Co, NC I16886
40 Wilson, Mary  Abt 1790Mecklenburg Co, NC I32056
41 Wilson, Mary E  Abt 1780Mecklenburg Co, NC I32007
42 Wilson, Miles M  Abt 1773Mecklenburg Co, NC I32004
43 Wilson, Moses  Jul 1769Mecklenburg Co, NC I12790
44 Wilson, Robert Jr  1760Mecklenburg Co, NC I9908
45 Wilson, Susanna Malinda  12 Dec 1777Mecklenburg Co, NC I32005


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carothers, Eleanor  1810Mecklenburg Co, NC I16863
2 Cress, Johann Nicholas Heinrich  1785Mecklenburg Co, NC I53337
3 Lipe, ?  Bef 1810Mecklenburg Co, NC I28605
4 Lipe, Johann Godfrey  Bef 27 Jul 1791Mecklenburg Co, NC I28577
5 Misenheimer, Christina  Abt 1800Mecklenburg Co, NC I28609
6 Seitz, Jonathan Heinrich  Abt 1766Mecklenburg Co, NC I1094
7 Wilson, James M  18 Dec 1873Mecklenburg Co, NC I32003
8 Wilson, John Henderson Sr  07 Nov 1838Mecklenburg Co, NC I32026
9 Wilson, Robert  Abt 1793Mecklenburg Co, NC I1076
10 Wilson, Susanna Malinda  02 Mar 1848Mecklenburg Co, NC I32005


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barrier / Bushart  Abt 1769Mecklenburg Co, NC F12165
2 Barringer / Blackwelder  Abt 1777Mecklenburg Co, NC F12218
3 House / Lipe  Bef 1790Mecklenburg Co, NC F9919
4 Sides / Lipe  1790Mecklenburg Co, NC F15224
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