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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Etheridge, Barbara Claudine   I31021
2 Flatt, ?  Abt 1873Van Zandt Co, TX I30671
3 Flatt, Alfred  1877Van Zandt Co, TX I16807
4 Flatt, Alvin L  15 Mar 1856Van Zandt Co, TX I16785
5 Flatt, Annie J  Jun 1888Van Zandt Co, TX I30685
6 Flatt, Annie Marish  Jun 1853Van Zandt Co, TX I16776
7 Flatt, Arthie S  Aug 1893Van Zandt Co, TX I30688
8 Flatt, Carlton Clement   I31053
9 Flatt, Donie  Jan 1891Van Zandt Co, TX I30686
10 Flatt, Ella  Jan 1879Van Zandt Co, TX I30674
11 Flatt, Eula Ileane   I31045
12 Flatt, Eunice  1901Van Zandt Co, TX I31044
13 Flatt, George W  Abt 1869Van Zandt Co, TX I16808
14 Flatt, George Washington  1856Van Zandt Co, TX I16781
15 Flatt, Hiram William  09 Aug 1857Van Zandt Co, TX I16694
16 Flatt, Iris   I31013
17 Flatt, James Arthur  Sep 1899Van Zandt Co, TX I31042
18 Flatt, John H  30 Sep 1869Van Zandt Co, TX I16801
19 Flatt, Luther Lee  Mar 1897Van Zandt Co, TX I31041
20 Flatt, Mackie S  Aug 1884Van Zandt Co, TX I30684
21 Flatt, Margie Era   I31057
22 Flatt, Martha Aretta  22 Nov 1860Van Zandt Co, TX I16786
23 Flatt, Mennie Madell   I31056
24 Flatt, Nors M  Jul 1892Van Zandt Co, TX I30668
25 Flatt, Pleasant Riley  21 Nov 1858Van Zandt Co, TX I15333
26 Flatt, Sarah Mary  1872Van Zandt Co, TX I30666
27 Flatt, William James  08 Apr 1855Van Zandt Co, TX I16693
28 Flatt, William McKenzie  Abt 1859Van Zandt Co, TX I16782
29 Flatt, Winnie  Abt 1902Van Zandt Co, TX I31011
30 Flatt, Zillie  1902Van Zandt Co, TX I31052
31 Flatt, Ziper Adline  1864Van Zandt Co, TX I16697
32 Flatt, Zonie  Jan 1891Van Zandt Co, TX I30687
33 Hensley, Francis Marion  27 Jun 1864Van Zandt Co, TX I16795
34 Hensley, William Jasper  1859Van Zandt Co, TX I16794
35 Hooper, M M  1858Van Zandt Co, TX I16746
36 Hooper, N L  1858Van Zandt Co, TX I16747
37 Kerley, William D  1859Van Zandt Co, TX I16792
38 Malone, Arthur Wiley  Aug 1898Van Zandt Co, TX I30699
39 Malone, Callie  Abt 1877Van Zandt Co, TX I30691
40 Malone, Effie E  Dec 1891Van Zandt Co, TX I30696
41 Malone, H Oliver  Nov 1893Van Zandt Co, TX I30697
42 Malone, Henry Lee  Dec 1887Van Zandt Co, TX I30695
43 Malone, McKenzy  Aug 1896Van Zandt Co, TX I30698
44 Malone, Minnie A  Sep 1885Van Zandt Co, TX I30694
45 Malone, Nealy M   I31131
46 Malone, Thomas Y  Feb 1881Van Zandt Co, TX I30693
47 Phillips, James P  Abt 1795Van Zandt Co, TX I15017
48 Roberts, C Felinda  08 Feb 1870Van Zandt Co, TX I30657
49 Roberts, Maryann S  07 Jan 1855Van Zandt Co, TX I30670
50 Roberts, William Henry David  1868Van Zandt Co, TX I30656

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barton, Arvilla Nancy  31 Jul 1884Van Zandt Co, TX I31663
2 Bruton, Lucinda M  11 Mar 1875Van Zandt Co, TX I15004
3 Donaldson, Mattie M  Abt 1911Van Zandt Co, TX I30664
4 Flatt, ?  Abt 1873Van Zandt Co, TX I30671
5 Flatt, Albert Alben  Abt 1875Van Zandt Co, TX I16773
6 Flatt, Arthur  20 Sep 1919Van Zandt Co, TX I14892
7 Flatt, George Washington  1869Van Zandt Co, TX I16769
8 Flatt, George Washington  Feb 1877Van Zandt Co, TX I16781
9 Flatt, John  08 Apr 1918Van Zandt Co, TX I16768
10 Flatt, Madelila A  22 Oct 1877Van Zandt Co, TX I16772
11 Flatt, Minnie A  30 Jun 1933Van Zandt Co, TX I16783
12 Flatt, Sarah Caroline  25 Feb 1867Van Zandt Co, TX I16765
13 Flatt, Sarah Mary  22 Jan 1899Van Zandt Co, TX I30666
14 Flatt, William B  1870Van Zandt Co, TX I14996
15 Lutrick, Emaline A  09 Dec 1888Van Zandt Co, TX I31641
16 McCarty, Wm Thompson  13 Jan 1882Van Zandt Co, TX I31662
17 Poynter, Mary  1890Van Zandt Co, TX I15003
18 Sides, Eli Jackson  02 Jul 1914Van Zandt Co, TX I33775
19 Smith, John Henry  05 Mar 1901Van Zandt Co, TX I31004


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bass / Sides  03 Jan 1870Van Zandt Co, TX F19708
2 Bass / Sides  09 Oct 1884Van Zandt Co, TX F11609
3 Darbison / Sides  22 Dec 1869Van Zandt Co, TX F19709
4 Flatt / Burns  30 Aug 1866Van Zandt Co, TX F5928
5 Flatt / Clark  Abt 1918Van Zandt Co, TX F10723
6 Flatt / Cox  31 Jul 1879Van Zandt Co, TX F5935
7 Flatt / Donaldson  09 Nov 1868Van Zandt Co, TX F5263
8 Flatt / Elliot  21 Sep 1865Van Zandt Co, TX F5925
9 Flatt / Fuller  11 Jan 1866Van Zandt Co, TX F5931
10 Flatt / Ladd  27 Oct 1867Van Zandt Co, TX F5416
11 Flatt / Roberts  14 Jan 1872Van Zandt Co, TX F5932
12 Flatt / Stroud  Abt 1898Van Zandt Co, TX F5947
13 Gibbs / Sides  29 Aug 1872Van Zandt Co, TX F19711
14 Malone / Flatt  27 Jun 1876Van Zandt Co, TX F5936
15 Murry / Flatt  11 Oct 1868Van Zandt Co, TX F5937
16 Nixon / Sides  23 Dec 1875Van Zandt Co, TX F19713
17 Pippins / Hooper  29 Mar 1857Van Zandt Co, TX F5920
18 Sides / Evins  23 Jan 1874Van Zandt Co, TX F19710
19 Sides / Gibbs  28 Jul 1858Van Zandt Co, TX F11603
20 Sides / Jeter  20 Dec 1868Van Zandt Co, TX F19683
21 Sides / Long  18 Sep 1872Van Zandt Co, TX F19712
22 Sides / Parker  26 Oct 1865Van Zandt Co, TX F19707
23 Stovall / Flatt  Van Zandt Co, TX F10579
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