Flatt/Flett/Vliet/Fleet DNA Project

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Flatt/Flett/Fleet/Vliet DNA PROJECT
Information Request for Flatt DNA Kit 25743

INSTRUCTIONS: Please keep the info request fairly brief, with descriptive info such as names, dates, locations, but not, say, pasting in a huge descent tree-if you wish to share information along that line, please register on the Tree portion of Flatt and send your tree to debh@glenrose.net
Your information request will be added as a PUBLIC  comment on the DNA Kit #'s individual page on Flatt DNA after being approved (weeding out spammers). On that request, your email will NOT show; anyone wishing to reply to you will go through a captcha (again to deter spammers).  If you find that anyone is using this form to send you spam, let us know
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