Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albright, Thomas J  23 May 1851Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I54552
2 Davalt, James E Jr.  06 May 1891Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56628
3 Green, C K  30 Oct 1890Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56601
4 Hansen, Sopia Elizabeth  1870Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56593
5 Irvin, Glenda Fay  Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I54591
6 Irvin, Otho Sylvania   I54598
7 Rhodes, Minnie Bell  07 Aug 1922Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56561
8 Robins, Lawrence   I56845
9 Sitze, baby boy  Feb 1932Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I54589
10 Sitze, Clark Rogers   I54633
11 Sitze, Edna Viola   I54597
12 Sitze, Evelyn Susey   I56844
13 Sitze, Linda Ruth   I54684
14 Sitze, Lola Mae   I54668
15 Sitzes, Allie Rosetta  Oct 1876Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56635
16 Sitzes, Anna Mae  Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56572
17 Sitzes, Arthur Heubert  06 Jan 1889Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56559
18 Sitzes, Clyde H  04 Mar 1901Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56582
19 Sitzes, Edward Albert "Burt"  16 Sep 1863Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56592
20 Sitzes, Guy Lafayette  23 Jun 1881Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56651
21 Sitzes, Ida Mae  19 Feb 1884Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56652
22 Sitzes, Jacob Marion  04 Nov 1868Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56604
23 Sitzes, John Monroe  27 May 1861Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56555
24 Sitzes, Malinda Catherine  1873Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56625
25 Sitzes, Mary Elizabeth Jane "Betty"  1866Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56598
26 Sitzes, Robert Esther  09 Dec 1887Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56558
27 Sitzes, William D  1879Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56648
28 Sitzes, Willie G  30 Jan 1886Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56557
29 Stovall, Carrie Gladis  Abt 1903Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56641
30 Stovall, Virginia F   I56643


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Green, John Frederick  26 May 1907Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56599
2 Huffman, Charity Theodore  01 Feb 1917Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I54518
3 Saunders, Francis Angeline  20 Dec 1905Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56552
4 Sitze, baby boy  Feb 1932Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I54589
5 Sitzes, Arthur Heubert  28 Nov 1891Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56559
6 Sitzes, Edward Allen  20 Dec 1916Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56550
7 Sitzes, Guy Lafayette  22 Sep 1882Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56651
8 Sitzes, Hannah E  24 Jul 1882Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56660
9 Sitzes, John Monroe  02 May 1936Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56555
10 Sitzes, Robert Esther  06 Sep 1910Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56558
11 Sitzes, Willie G  27 Feb 1886Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I56557
12 Trotter, Malinda Jane  19 Feb 1940Bessville, Bollinger Co., MO I53937
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