Cherokee County, Georgia



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bates, Annie J.  Abt 1885Cherokee County, Georgia I50363
2 Bates, Calvin  Abt 1841Cherokee County, Georgia I50343
3 Bates, Daniel  Abt 1835Cherokee County, Georgia I50340
4 Bates, Francis Marion  21 Oct 1876Cherokee County, Georgia I50722
5 Bates, Henry Franklin  30 Jun 1868Cherokee County, Georgia I50867
6 Bates, Joseph Christian  23 Jan 1841Cherokee County, Georgia I50836
7 Bates, Sarah Elizabeth  10 Jan 1854Cherokee County, Georgia I50594
8 Bates, William Caleb  Abt 1834Cherokee County, Georgia I50324
9 Bell, Alfred  06 May 1847Cherokee County, Georgia I50150
10 Bell, Jefferson  26 Jun 1847Cherokee County, Georgia I50151
11 Bell, Martha  21 Jun 1844Cherokee County, Georgia I50148
12 Bennett, Margaret Susan  Abt 1851Cherokee County, Georgia I50671
13 Day, Minnie L.  Abt 1867Cherokee County, Georgia I50850
14 Epperson, James Washington  25 Dec 1857Cherokee County, Georgia I51066
15 Epperson, William Franklin  20 Oct 1859Cherokee County, Georgia I51067
16 Gaines, John Henry  18 Sep 1838Cherokee County, Georgia I50386
17 Gaines, Mary Evelin Carney Elizabeth  12 Jan 1856Cherokee County, Georgia I50279
18 Gaines, Sam Henry  Abt 1853Cherokee County, Georgia I50278
19 Grimes, Levi Marshell  02 Jun 1872Cherokee County, Georgia I50880
20 Grimes, Sarah  Abt 1846Cherokee County, Georgia I50468
21 Henderson, John Bunyon Rev. Sr.  14 Nov 1886Cherokee County, Georgia I50972
22 Henderson, Serrina  Abt 1867Cherokee County, Georgia I50316
23 Holland, Frances Nancy  12 Mar 1838Cherokee County, Georgia I51034
24 Holland, Walter Frank  Abt 1842Cherokee County, Georgia I50569
25 Mann, Andrew Jackson  31 May 1869Cherokee County, Georgia I50308
26 Martin, Georgia  Abt 1876Cherokee County, Georgia I50332
27 Martin, Jefferson T Davis  Abt 1880Cherokee County, Georgia I50298
28 Martin, John  Abt 1876Cherokee County, Georgia I50305
29 Martin, John M.  Abt 1857Cherokee County, Georgia I50566
30 Martin, Judge A.  Abt 1878Cherokee County, Georgia I50335
31 Martin, Margaret Leva  Abt 1881Cherokee County, Georgia I50415
32 Martin, Mary Ann  04 Sep 1869Cherokee County, Georgia I50321
33 Martin, Missouri Frances  Abt 1849Cherokee County, Georgia I50560
34 Martin, Octavia  Abt 1877Cherokee County, Georgia I50333
35 Martin, Servilla  Abt 1879Cherokee County, Georgia I50336
36 Messer, Sarah Demetris  23 Feb 1849Cherokee County, Georgia I50918
37 Messer, Thomas J.  18 Jul 1857Cherokee County, Georgia I50920
38 Payne, Calvin W.  Abt 1846Cherokee County, Georgia I50878
39 Wheeler, Martha Herrington  03 Mar 1846Cherokee County, Georgia I50842
40 Wheeler, Nora Leuna  07 Sep 1874Cherokee County, Georgia I50347
41 Williams, Sarah E. Grimes  Abt 1847Cherokee County, Georgia I50846
42 Wilson, Harriett E.  Abt 1870Cherokee County, Georgia I50930
43 Wilson, John H.  Abt 1868Cherokee County, Georgia I50928
44 Wilson, Joseph D.  Cherokee County, Georgia I50935
45 Wilson, Mary J.  Abt 1872Cherokee County, Georgia I50932
46 Wilson, William Byrd  12 Oct 1843Cherokee County, Georgia I50919


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bates, Elizabeth  Abt 1856Cherokee County, Georgia I50239
2 Bates, Fannie Mae  13 Jul 1915Cherokee County, Georgia I50625
3 Bates, Frances Lucinda  08 Mar 1899Cherokee County, Georgia I50954
4 Bates, George W.  17 Mar 1903Cherokee County, Georgia I50717
5 Bates, James Knox Polk  07 May 1920Cherokee County, Georgia I50588
6 Bates, Lucinda  Bef 1852Cherokee County, Georgia I50292
7 Bates, Naoma  03 May 1918Cherokee County, Georgia I50735
8 Bates, Rhoda E.  Abt 1863Cherokee County, Georgia I50899
9 Bell, Alfred  Abt 1855Cherokee County, Georgia I50150
10 Bell, Jefferson  02 Nov 1909Cherokee County, Georgia I50151
11 Bell, Martha  23 Oct 1926Cherokee County, Georgia I50148
12 Bell, Thomas Reuben  17 Jul 1907Cherokee County, Georgia I50142
13 Burnett, Frances  15 Sep 1856Cherokee County, Georgia I50895
14 Burns, Sarah Jane  18 Mar 1890Cherokee County, Georgia I50301
15 Grimes, Levi Marshell  23 Feb 1941Cherokee County, Georgia I50880
16 Henderson, Albert Hine Jr.  01 Aug 1916Cherokee County, Georgia I50969
17 Martin, Anna Elizabeth  Aft 1883Cherokee County, Georgia I50550
18 Martin, Franklin Alfred  12 Apr 1896Cherokee County, Georgia I50955
19 Messer, Marinda  Bef 1860Cherokee County, Georgia I50732
20 Messer, Samuel J.  Abt 1866Cherokee County, Georgia I50734
21 Messer, Sarah Demetris  12 Jun 1896Cherokee County, Georgia I50918
22 Messer, Thomas J.  20 Oct 1891Cherokee County, Georgia I50920
23 Robertson, Frances  31 Oct 1933Cherokee County, Georgia I50152
24 Wheeler, Martha Herrington  18 Jul 1926Cherokee County, Georgia I50842
25 White, Nancy E.  Bef 1876Cherokee County, Georgia I50567
26 Wilson, William Byrd  04 Oct 1935Cherokee County, Georgia I50919


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bates / Grimes  Cherokee County, Georgia F17139
2 Gaines / Carney  26 Nov 1861Cherokee County, Georgia F17117
3 Mann / Martin  23 Jul 1868Cherokee County, Georgia F17173
4 Martin / Johnson  07 May 1876Cherokee County, Georgia F17183
5 Martin / White  Bef 1876Cherokee County, Georgia F17182
6 Pace / Gaines  1867Cherokee County, Georgia F17425
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