Jackson Co, TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Medlin, Mary Elizabeth  01 Apr 1866Jackson Co, TN I2684
2 McCarley, William Alvin  01 Oct 1857Jackson Co, TN I30359
3 McCarley, Elizabeth Isabelle  22 Mar 1859Jackson Co, TN I30360
4 Flatt, William Marshall  18 Jun 1891Jackson Co, TN I59788
5 Flatt, William Harrison  1859Jackson Co, TN I6060
6 Flatt, William Harrison  Sep 1837Jackson Co, TN I2756
7 Flatt, Wesley G  1890Jackson Co, TN I62812
8 Flatt, Washington  1839Jackson Co, TN I6150
9 Flatt, Theo C  1893Jackson Co, TN I62949
10 Flatt, Sarah  1837Jackson Co, TN I6098
11 Flatt, Sarah  1832Jackson Co, TN I14056
12 Flatt, Robert B   I62911
13 Flatt, Rachael S  1868Jackson Co, TN I25421
14 Flatt, Nathaniel  1847Jackson Co, TN I6153
15 Flatt, Nancy D  Mar 1884Jackson Co, TN I25428
16 Flatt, Millie Ann  15 Oct 1837Jackson Co, TN I14059
17 Flatt, Mary E  1865Jackson Co, TN I25419
18 Flatt, Marion D  Abt 1901Jackson Co, TN I62168
19 Flatt, Louisa M  1842Jackson Co, TN I6151
20 Flatt, Louisa Louisville  14 Apr 1839Jackson Co, TN I2790
21 Flatt, Logan Haywood  07 Mar 1882Jackson Co, TN I25427
22 Flatt, Jonas H  1840Jackson Co, TN I2758
23 Flatt, John Madison  31 Jan 1835Jackson Co, TN I2681
24 Flatt, John Bailey  05 Mar 1876Jackson Co, TN I57536
25 Flatt, Jessie C  1891Jackson Co, TN I62933
26 Flatt, Jesse P  1844Jackson Co, TN I6152
27 Flatt, James W  1873Jackson Co, TN I62914
28 Flatt, James J  1867Jackson Co, TN I25420
29 Flatt, James H  1900Jackson Co, TN I62903
30 Flatt, James E  1866Jackson Co, TN I62946
31 Flatt, Jace C   I62909
32 Flatt, Isaac Columbus  25 Mar 1854Jackson Co, TN I2763
33 Flatt, Isaac Columbus  04 Jun 1811Jackson Co, TN I2678
34 Flatt, Isaac  Abt 1896Jackson Co, TN I62269
35 Flatt, Howard M  1874Jackson Co, TN I62275
36 Flatt, Henry H  Abt 1856Jackson Co, TN I62265
37 Flatt, George Washington  06 Oct 1841Jackson Co, TN I2759
38 Flatt, George W  1883Jackson Co, TN I62892
39 Flatt, George R  1892Jackson Co, TN I62828
40 Flatt, Ester  1902Jackson Co, TN I62920
41 Flatt, Erman  1903Jackson Co, TN I62957
42 Flatt, Elvis  1886Jackson Co, TN I62861
43 Flatt, Elizabeth Paralie  1844Jackson Co, TN I2760
44 Flatt, Donald   I62927
45 Flatt, D B  1875Jackson Co, TN I62935
46 Flatt, Carlie B   I62153
47 Flatt, Boyd   I62887
48 Flatt, Birt  1902Jackson Co, TN I62856
49 Flatt, Billy Way   I2709
50 Flatt, Benton Madison   I2699

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Parker, Mary Margaret  Abt 1850Jackson Co, TN I13287
2 Medlin, Mary Elizabeth  09 Feb 1925Jackson Co, TN I2684
3 Lewis, Elizabeth  1850Jackson Co, TN I15305
4 Jackson, Edith Hance  19 Jan 1916Jackson Co, TN I59904
5 Fox, Mary Elizabeth  18 Feb 1917Jackson Co, TN I2682
6 Flatt, William Marshall  12 Mar 1920Jackson Co, TN I59788
7 Flatt, Lemuel  Aft 1880Jackson Co, TN I6239
8 Flatt, John JR  24 Sep 1824Jackson Co, TN I9381
9 Flatt, Isaac Columbus  13 Dec 1896Jackson Co, TN I2678
10 Flatt, George  Jackson Co, TN I2676
11 Flatt, Benjamin  1860Jackson Co, TN I11431
12 Brown, Sarah  13 May 1898Jackson Co, TN I2679


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Flatt / Haney  16 Jul 1899Jackson Co, TN F12680
2 Flatt / Fox  Abt 1856Jackson Co, TN F998
3 Flatt / Brown  12 Mar 1834Jackson Co, TN F997
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