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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burgess, ??  1865LOGAN, WV I4993
2 Burgess, Ada  02 Apr 1891LOGAN, WV I4962
3 Burgess, Almeda  Oct 1877LOGAN, WV I4918
4 Burgess, Angeline  27 Oct 1877LOGAN, WV I4919
5 Burgess, Arminta  Abt 1876LOGAN, WV I5001
6 Burgess, Baxter  1871LOGAN, WV I4928
7 Burgess, Belle  1874LOGAN, WV I4998
8 Burgess, Celia  Jan 1889LOGAN, WV I5006
9 Burgess, Charles  Abt 1867LOGAN, WV I4916
10 Burgess, Charles L  Oct 1879LOGAN, WV I4932
11 Burgess, Edward  Mar 1885LOGAN, WV I4920
12 Burgess, Elizabeth  10 Jun 1866LOGAN, WV I4925
13 Burgess, Emazella  14 Nov 1874LOGAN, WV I4957
14 Burgess, James  1878LOGAN, WV I4959
15 Burgess, John  Sep 1874LOGAN, WV I4917
16 Burgess, John Wilson  1842LOGAN, WV I5929
17 Burgess, Joseph W  05 Mar 1872LOGAN, WV I4929
18 Burgess, Leander D  Apr 1887LOGAN, WV I4921
19 Burgess, Marion B  Jan 1864LOGAN, WV I4915
20 Burgess, Martha  Oct 1883LOGAN, WV I5003
21 Burgess, Mary Ann  Abt 1876LOGAN, WV I4931
22 Burgess, Mirtie  Aug 1893LOGAN, WV I5007
23 Burgess, Nancy A  1873LOGAN, WV I4997
24 Burgess, Sarah E  Jul 1880LOGAN, WV I5002
25 Burgess, Viola  1886LOGAN, WV I5062
26 Burgess, William  Abt 1875LOGAN, WV I4930
27 Clay, America  1834LOGAN, WV I4935
28 Vance, Eli Nelson  28 Nov 1873LOGAN, WV I4989
29 Vance, Elvira  1871LOGAN, WV I4987
30 Vance, James Isaac  1867LOGAN, WV I4986
31 Vance, John C  1882LOGAN, WV I4990
32 Vance, Margaret E  Abt 1839LOGAN, WV I4970
33 Vance, Rhodes  1867LOGAN, WV I4985
34 Vance, Susannah F  Abt 1867LOGAN, WV I4975
35 White, Judah  Apr 1834LOGAN, WV I4924


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burgess, Aaron A  03 Apr 1941LOGAN, WV I4912
2 Burgess, Ada  Bef 1900LOGAN, WV I4962
3 Burgess, Araminta  08 Apr 1917LOGAN, WV I5041
4 Burgess, Calvin M  Bef 1870LOGAN, WV I4906
5 Burgess, Elizabeth  02 Feb 1941LOGAN, WV I4925
6 Burgess, Emaline  Aft 1881LOGAN, WV I5943
7 Burgess, Evaline  08 Oct 1926LOGAN, WV I4909
8 Burgess, James  Bef 1900LOGAN, WV I4959
9 Burgess, John Wilson  06 Feb 1922LOGAN, WV I5929
10 Burgess, Josephine  08 Sep 1842LOGAN, WV I4926
11 Burgess, Lucinda  Abt 1883LOGAN, WV I4981
12 Burgess, Marcella  12 May 1879LOGAN, WV I4943
13 Burgess, Milton Addison  30 Jan 1906LOGAN, WV I5935
14 Burgess, Nancy  16 Dec 1893LOGAN, WV I5924
15 Burgess, Precious  12 Sep 1854LOGAN, WV I4994
16 Burgess, Sarah Elizabeth  14 Sep 1938LOGAN, WV I4910
17 Burgess, Tandy  Abt 1865LOGAN, WV I3351
18 Vance, Larkin Bilton  Feb 1942LOGAN, WV I4980


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burgess / Brown  1869LOGAN, WV F1782
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