Rockcastle County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Alpha Ruth   I43433
2 Barnett, Edward Isaac   I43408
3 Barnett, Hazel Marie   I43181
4 Barnett, John Frank  22 Nov 1922Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43407
5 Barnett, Patrice Louise   I43652
6 Barnett, William Ray   I43434
7 Bishop, Luther   I43098
8 Brock, Elmira  1842Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43245
9 Cates, Colombus  Abt 1855Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43719
10 Cates, Green  Abt 1851Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43718
11 Cates, John  Abt 1845Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43716
12 Cates, Martha F  1852Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43321
13 Cates, Mary Alice  Abt 1856Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43720
14 Cates, William  Abt 1848Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43717
15 Cates, Woodson Woodrow  14 Aug 1858Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43721
16 Chasteen, Abraham B  30 Dec 1868Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43373
17 Chasteen, Alice  1881Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43797
18 Chasteen, Anna Pointer  20 Dec 1876Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43743
19 Chasteen, Austin J  Abt 1833Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43729
20 Chasteen, Bettie A.  Abt 1891Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42952
21 Chasteen, Brightberry  1886Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42903
22 Chasteen, Cassius M  10 Jan 1849Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43696
23 Chasteen, Celia  Abt 1900Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42957
24 Chasteen, Dolores E  1891Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43838
25 Chasteen, Edith   I43046
26 Chasteen, Edward   I43049
27 Chasteen, Eliza J  1861Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43298
28 Chasteen, Eliza Wrenn  04 Jan 1866Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43739
29 Chasteen, Ella F  20 Feb 1873Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43374
30 Chasteen, Flurry J  02 Aug 1882Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42904
31 Chasteen, Frances Horner  19 Sep 1872Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43741
32 Chasteen, George  30 Jul 1861Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43738
33 Chasteen, Georgia M Dennie  1898Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43841
34 Chasteen, Gertrude   I43050
35 Chasteen, Gordon  Abt 1902Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42958
36 Chasteen, Harry D  24 Aug 1900Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43842
37 Chasteen, Ida  1895Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43802
38 Chasteen, Isabelle  1875Rockcastle County, Kentucky I44368
39 Chasteen, James "Bud"  Abt 1884Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43746
40 Chasteen, James H  1885Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43798
41 Chasteen, James Sanford  11 Apr 1847Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43695
42 Chasteen, Jesse  1829Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43727
43 Chasteen, Jesse  1875Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43758
44 Chasteen, John  20 May 1870Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43740
45 Chasteen, John   I43048
46 Chasteen, Joseph Ephraim  01 Mar 1883Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43745
47 Chasteen, Leonna Paynter  Abt 1880Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43744
48 Chasteen, Lewis L  Abt 1888Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42951
49 Chasteen, Lillie  06 Dec 1876Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42887
50 Chasteen, Lula  Abt 1897Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42955

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chasteen, Abraham B  1918Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43373
2 Chasteen, Flurry J  08 May 1894Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42904
3 Chasteen, Harry D  Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43842
4 Chasteen, Isabelle  07 Jul 1876Rockcastle County, Kentucky I44368
5 Chasteen, Laura Jane  1880Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43757
6 Chasteen, Martha Alice  16 Apr 1898Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42861
7 Chasteen, Mary Ann  1900Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42915
8 Chasteen, Nancy Ann  1938Rockcastle County, Kentucky I44367
9 Chasteen, Rhoda  01 Jun 1940Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43261
10 Chasteen, Surrilda  30 Mar 1888Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42862
11 Chasteen, Wollis/Wallace Clark  1917Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42883
12 Clark, Lillian  1944Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43169
13 Coffey, Julia  28 Jul 1944Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42982
14 Davidson, Henry L  Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43136
15 Dooley, Elizabeth Ann  18 Mar 1891Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43369
16 Griffin, John S  1938Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43038
17 Hardin, Elizabeth  Aft 1850Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42929
18 Hardin, Martha Margaret Emma  30 Jan 1924Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43236
19 Hardin, Mary Catherine  15 Jun 1913Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43370
20 Hardin, Nancy  1881Rockcastle County, Kentucky I42948
21 Jordan, Sibba M  29 May 1911Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43125
22 McGuire, Vernetta  Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43196
23 Morris, Hallie  27 Feb 1918Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43885
24 Morris, James Madison  25 Apr 1906Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43246
25 Morris, William Henry  09 Aug 1942Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43784
26 Morris, Willian Henry Jr  09 Jul 1900Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43884
27 Mullins, Bonnie  1932Rockcastle County, Kentucky I44020
28 Mullins, Eugene  1927Rockcastle County, Kentucky I44017
29 Mullins, Lois Carol  1934Rockcastle County, Kentucky I44021
30 Owens, Harold Glenn  28 Sep 1928Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43003
31 Owens, Nanie Elizabeth  04 Feb 1917Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43002
32 Ponder, Sydney Boone  09 Jan 1917Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43170


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Chasteen, Ella F  Rockcastle County, Kentucky I43374
2 Hardin, James N  Rockcastle County, Kentucky I5082
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