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Surnames on TNG (The Next Generation) -
 if you wish to edit information on TNG, you must be registered and logged on. Anyone can offer *guest* suggestions for given lines.

Please review the pedigree worked up for your kit. If there are errors or you have been able to take your line further back, please contact me with your changes, with proofs.

A requirement of the project is that you supply a pedigree (direct line up to your earliest known *sourced* ancestor). If you have been contacted several times without supplying one, you may be removed from the project. This does not remove you from FamilyTreeDNA, but, again, only from this project. If you wish to rejoin, you certainly may, but you will, again, be required to supply a pedigree. Why is this? Because it helps others who come to the site and wish to compare notes to see if your line at all matches up with theirs.

Requests for the site: Would like you to supply a scanned photograph of your earliest ancestor in your line. I will put it on the DNA results page. 

Also would like a very short list of where your line went; that would be something like John Flatt b 1900 NJ>AL>TX. Why? I get queries regularly from website readers who are trying to figure out if YOUR line matches up with theirs. This will help. See the report WentWhere for examples.